7 power steps to transform customer experience

Two years ago I had created a 3 slide presentation on - 7 power walk steps to transform customer experience which is uploaded on Slideshare.net. Today again when I referred to the presentation every single step appeared relevant, infact more critical than before.

Developments in the customer experience space are indicating that we need to be in customer’s shoes more and more, to be able to understand their needs and deliver value.

Today we are speeding towards Digitisation: Gartner predicts that by 2020 75% of the companies would be trying to get Digital.
Even then walking in to customer’s shoes will be critical. That’s why we are seeing new approaches like - Design thinking focused around understanding the human emotions, Customer Journey mapping exercises attempting to emulate entire customer experience at every touch point, getting popular and actively adopted by so many companies.
Walking in customer shoes has always been the starting point for most of service and product innovation endeavours but its also the most undermined activity.
Therefore it’s always a good time to remind and walk those power steps towards customer experience transformation.
The original presentation on – 7 power walk steps to transform customer experience is available on slideshare.net for reference.

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