Disruption has started already, but are you ready?

Whether it be – Management Guru Ram Charan or Microsoft Ex Chairman – Ravi Venkatesan or leading Management Firm – Mckinsey Consulting everyone is talking about – Disruption that’s going to hit the Industry. One of the CEO of Billion Dollar company said on change-  “Its going to be a Tsunami”. 

No wonder old and established businesses are sensing the heat and struggling to re-invent. Every business leader is thinking about Digitally transforming their company. New Start ups are flocking the market to woo the customers with innovative business models.

R Ray Wang Consultant and Author of the Disrupting Digital says:  “As in the beginning of every revolution, those in the midst of it can feel it, sense it, and know that something big is happening…old rules seem not to apply.”   

In order to stay relevant companies need to act fast and move away from incremental change to major shift in their approach:

  1. Create awareness about disruption – that its for real and needed to be responded with pace and preparation
  2. Help develop disruptive mindsets – encourage innovation, experimentation, seeing and doing things differently
  3. Help People leverage their unique strengths & passion – so they are able to create value naturally with self drive
  4. Develop new business models through research and prototyping – focused on new ways of delivering customer experiences
  5. Facilitate global community to collaborate for succeeding disruption – work across borders for common good of the world
  6. Evolve Framework for Succeeding through Disruption – which provides help – especially to the existing established companies, so that their workforce remains relevant, deployable and productive in the fast changing marketplace

Its not just another transformation, it’s a transmutation into a new Avtaar of the world, something never seen before. It is required to be responded with speed, agility, innovation and hope.

Can check out detailed presentation on – Succeeding through disruption on Slideshare.

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