It’s all about culture of unique Strengths

A customer experience manager at Ford said “only engaged employees can create engaged customers”

True only engaged employees with customer focus can deliver Aha experiences.

In my observation and research following 4 basic things are needed as part of having a customer centric culture:

1) Customer Focus (across the organizational teams)

2) Passion to Serve (natural or developed)

3) Innovation (keep looking for doing something different)

4) Metrics to measure and monitor points – 1 to 3

Harvards Business Review in its paper with Disney on – Advancing the Customer Experience says:

To ground customer experience in the company culture, businesses should develop precise, meaningful principles to guide everything from investments to frontline decisions.

One of the very successful ecommerce, customer centric company Myntra* had following principles embedded in its culture:

10 Principles of Myntra Customer Experience Culture were:

1.            Customer Wow

2.            Pursuit of Excellence

3.            Ownership

4.            Do things differently

5.            Follow your Passion

6.            Data drives decisions

7.            Respect, Equality and Transparency

8.            Do More with Less

9.            Continuous Learning & Growth

10.          Work Hard, Play Harder


If we look at Top-5 Principles of Customer Service at Myntra it’s all rooted in people strengths including: Wow the customer, pursuit of excellence, taking ownership, doing things differently and following one’s passion.

Evidently Myntra’s stellar success as a strong Customer friendly brand have started with instilling the right people culture. This can be possible through the combination of: Founder’s Vision (Mukesh Bansal), management’ s relentless customer focus, and putting their money where their heart is – with their customer.

*One of the largest eCommerce company from India – Flipkart had acquired Myntra with the original brand still being retained on merit. Given Myntra’s Customer Centric DNA and with the backing of Flipkart we can expect it to grow its impact further as a Top brand. As it successfully competes with likes of Amazon to deliver outstanding Customer Experience with its Strength based organisational culture.

While strategic intent and planning can refine company’s focus for growth, it’s having right people at the right place that build organisational culture, that can successfully sustain company’s brand over the long haul. Seem quite evident in case Myntra’s success story so far.

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