Journey of million dollars begins with a single customer

A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step. And journey of million dollars begin with a single customer. Every Single customer that receives personalised experience adds to that million dollar kitty.

I can say that from my consistent experience with a global sports company – Decathlon which my entire family loves to visit at every occasion. We get served by various product experts in the store who go extra mile to help us experience the product before we make the final decision and it doesn’t matter if we don’t buy as the store believes in providing genuine personalised experience the sale will happen anyways.
My son has become the biggest fan of the sports store because he has the assurance of owning the products which he is confident to use and enjoy each time.
The personalised experiences at the store has led to increased business from every member of my family.
The sample journey map above provides a peek into one such personalised journey of the store ending into positive experience and closed sale.
If businesses can aim to make every journey of their every customer into a journey with happy endings they can be assured to have a journey of million dollars themselves.