Managing the Employee-Customer encounter

It’s a known fact that happy employees lead to happy customers. Management gurus and industry leaders all seem to advocate this fact. Still we find very few companies living this value.

Often disgruntled employees are found delivering dis-satisfactory services to their customers across: restaurants, retail malls, airlines, etc.

There seem to be no one there keeping a tab of ongoing connection between employee feelings and its impact on customer experiences.

“You can’t measure and manage employee and customer experiences as seperate entities; they must be managed together under a single organisational entity.”

 - 1st rule of Human Sigma by – John Fleming and Jim Asplund, Human Sigma – Gallup Press

Owing to age old wisdom - “what get measured gets done” companies need to measure and monitor, experience of its employees and its impact on customer experiences much closely.

Improve one to improve other, there is no other way.

Successful companies have perfected the art of managing this Employee-Customer encounter.

Rajat Chawla is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach and Asia’s first Certified Customer Experience Professional. He regularly shares his insights on: Building Strengths based Performance Culture and facilitates Customer Experience Transformation with global corporations. You are welcome to subscribe to his blog posts at:

 [Image Courtesy: By - John Hain]