Maslow’s hierarchy of powerful customer engagement

Most of the businesses these days commit to do something in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) some out of duty, others out of compassion. As per Maslow’s hierarchy once the initial human needs are met humans tend to move up the hierarchy to contribute towards higher purposes, like contributing into other’s lives.

Same seems to be true for the businesses.

There are some businesses which go beyond the normal act of CSR, they even engage their customers in serving the community at large. They provide their customers an opportunity to serve the humanity. This provide customers an opportunity to move up on Maslow’s Hierarchy. This make customers feel special and raises their self-esteem.

We can say they facilitate their customers towards positive karmas. They make it easy for their customers to contribute through sharing. Whether it’s a run for a cause; a voluntary contribution towards charityor providing personal time for children at an orphanage, these businesses facilitate co-contribution.

Co-contribution needs sincerity of purpose, commitment and purity of execution. Companies that excel in facilitating co-contibution not just engage customer’s hearts but souls. It’s Maslow’s hierarchy of powerful customer engagement.

Rajat Chawla is a Customer Experience Transformist, Asia’s first and only Certified Customer Experience Professional. He is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach.

Rajat facilitates customer experience transformation and help build Strengths based customer centric culture in global organisations.