Digital World needs more engaged people

IDC’s recent Experience Survey 2015 stated - the ability to link both employee and customer experiences together in order to deliver a holistic view of digital and social transformation is at the epicenter of competitive differentiation.” 

The speed of change is fast and overwhelming for the organisations and its people to cope up. The need for more engaged workforce has never been greater in the world.

Gartner says: “Cultural Issues Are the Primary Barrier to Web-Scale IT Adoption” 

It will become more obvious that those driven by individual strengths and passion will have higher chances to create value. And organisations which learn to harness natural hidden capabilities of their workforce can thrive in the Digital Age.

Michael Hinshaw – CEO of company McorpCX says: Companies with more highly engaged employees enjoy 147% higher earnings per share (EPS) than their competition. CX winners in 2015 and beyond will prioritize their culture, and their people.”

New Digital World needs culture of more engaged people to deliver superior experiences, it appears there is no other choice in the digital future.

Rajat Chawla is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach and Asia’s first Certified Customer Experience Professional. He regularly shares his insights on: Building Strengths based Performance Culture and facilitates Customer Experience Transformation with global corporations. You are welcome to subscribe to his blog posts at:

[Image Courtesy: By - Luis Llerena]