Have you yet discovered full form of: C.O.A.C.H. ?


A well-known coach was once approached by a restless youth, hungry for success.

The coach began the conversation and said to the youth, before anything I need to ask you a few questions. Youth nodded.

Coach asked : What do you want in life ?

Youth: Success !

The coach further asked the youth.
Coach: Why?
Youth: So that I can have lots of money and be wealthy.
Coach: Why ?
Young Man: So that I can afford things of great luxury.
Coach: Why
Young Man: So that I can feel Happy.
Coach asked: “have you ever felt happy before”.The youth replied: “yes so many times.”
Coach smiled and looked at the youth with a message in his smile. As youth looked he suddenly got a flash of awareness in his head.
Coach sensed and asked the youth -“What are you thinking?”
Youth smiled and said, “I realise that I don’t need to wait to achieve everything to feel happy, instead it might be easy to achieve my goals by being happier”
Both coach and youth smiled. That was a flash of useful awareness !
This might be an overly simplistic portrait of Coaching conversations.
But in my experience as a coach I realised in every interaction few things were common – coaching conversations raised awareness (together of coach and the coachee) and provided glimpses of possible eternal happiness somewhere.
Though no coach can guarantee eternal happiness a good coach can facilitate it !
That’s why I realise, the full form of the C.O.A.C.H:    CAN. OUR. AWARENESS. CREATE. HAPPINESS.

Rajat Chawla is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach and Asia’s first Certified Customer Experience Professional. He regularly shares his insights on: Building Strengths-based Performance Culture and facilitates Customer Experience Transformation with global corporations. You are welcome to subscribe to his blog posts at: www.rajatchawla.net

Picture Credit – www.Picjumbo.com