On becoming Asia’s first Certified Customer Experience Professional

I have been engaging with customers for more than 20 years and have been dedicated to deliver Wow customer experiences through amalgamation of technology, process and people power.

It’s been great innovating customer engagement approaches, leveraging technology to simplify customer’s lives, building practices   with people who get energised when they engage with their customers.
I have been walking the shop floor of my clients, whether it be a hi-tech motor bike manufacturing plant in an industrial hub or a call centre with human advisors attending to their customers in New Castle, UK. I could naturally put myself in my customer’s shoes and listen to their voices.

When I am a consumer myself I end up wearing the hat of a customer experience professional, gathering insights, observing processes, giving feedbacks (providing my Voice as a Customer), acknowledging my service providers for their service levels. Off late I even started to draw complementary Customer Journey Maps for my service providers to highlight how their services are impacting consumers.
With 20 years of work in enabling customer centric culture and facilitating transformations, I decided to get evaluated by an industry agnostic Customer Experience professional body. When I went out looking for options I found CXPA – Customer Experience Professional Association to be most comprehensive and strongest independent body in the area of Customer Experience.
Six competencies on which I was to be tested by CXPA to ascertain that I am equipped to contribute in this space included:
  1. Customer Centric Culture
  2. Organisational Adoption
  3. Voice of Customer
  4. Experience Design and Journey Mapping
  5. Experience Measurement
  6. CX Strategy
Finally came the day when I had to face the assessment which tested me across all the 6 competencies. It challenged me through scenario based questions around areas of CX Strategy and governance, ROI on CX Investments, employee engagement & Innovation to deliver CX commitments.
I cleared the exam and got certified as Asia’s 1st and only Certified Customer Experience Professional after my knowledge got tested across all the above 6 competencies by CXPA.
I am thankful to all my customers and mentors who have helped me achieve this feat.
When I shared the news with my friends and colleagues, all sorts of lovely congratulatory messages started to pour in. One of them said – “Way to go…congrats for this big achievement…well deserved”. I felt happy that some of those who knew my work already believed that I deserved it, but now thankfully CXPA accredited it.
It’s an honour to join the likes of Bruce Temkin, Ian Golding and other global industry experts and elite Customer Experience Transformists, committed to raise the standard of customer experience across the world.
I am proud to be 1st and the only Certified Customer Experience Professional in Asia today with a commitment to help my clients serve their clients.
Rajat Chawla is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach and a Customer Experience Transformist. 
He is Asia’s first and only Certified Customer Experience Professional. He regularly shares his insights on: Building Strengths based Performance Culture and facilitates Customer Experience Transformation with global corporations. You are welcome to subscribe to his blog posts at: www.rajatchawla.net