Learning to turn unbelievable into believable


When I first met Ron Kaufman customer service guru in Bangalore I was impressed by the energy he infused in the room.

Then again few months later I happen to attend Ron Kaufman’s master class on Service Leadership in J. W. Marriott, Mumbai. What enthused me was his passion for customer service and his remarkable ability to convince his audience about the power of outstanding service. Ron’s framework has what he calls – delivering ‘unbelievable’ customer service. Ron delivered his session with such unbelievable passion, energy and drive that it was natural to believe him.

How did he do it, in my view, he is on a mission – to raise the level of service in the world, he had been working on it with great commitment and thorough preparation over a long haul. And he has the energy and passion to make others believe what he believes.

If we remember, the most awaited times during Steve Jobs era at Apple was the when Jobs would launch a new product. Jobs will show up with a latest Apple invention in his hand like a wizard and marvel the crowds. But before that he would work relentlessly on his mission that we know was – to make a dent in the universe. He wanted to give the world a product, that people could take pride in owning. He infused his belief every time he launched a new product with such passion that world believed.

Steve Jobs - Launch

I realised, when we want our audience to believe in something, we need to have mission that inspires them. It’s a work of life that gets shared in those moments when we are with our audience with deep passion and energy.

That’s what turns the unbelievable into believable.

Rajat Chawla is a transformist. Rajat facilitates customer experience transformation and help build Strengths based customer centric culture in global organisations. He is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach and Asia’s first Certified Customer Experience Professional from CXPA.