Appreciating stocks through strengths focus

Gallup Path provides a simplistic view but if we look closer it also provides common sensical view.

Gallup Path2
Age old wisdom says engaged employees lead to engaged customers. What happens when we have engaged customers we have customers buying more services and products on which company thrives and make profits. A company which stays consistently profitable moves up their stock price.

But the dynamics is not that straight and fast to achieve. It require leadership commitment, engaged teams, customer centric culture and sound talent strategy.

Leadership commitment: Leadership which is committed towards building transformational employee and customer experiences. Employee experiences which are positive, fulfilling, enriching and rewarding. Customer experiences delivered through committed and engaged teams.

Engaged teams: How do we have engaged teams is the question that has been challenging people for ages with no single answer. But if we look at small children as representation of abundant talent waiting to be nurtured we may find some clues to engagement. Children engage through natural curiosity, like to be left alone to do what they enjoy most, love to experiment with little or no supervisory intervention. Can we replicate this same model of engagement which successfully engages children.
Customer centric culture: Where focus on customer is not just the job of customer facing sales staff but every employee in the organisation. Where leadership does not only measure profits but first measures customer centricity through well defined metrics.  Where every decision pivots around the criteria of how happy will that decision make the customer at the end.

Sound talent strategy: Talent strategy cannot be short lived and short term. It cannot be a knee jerk response to the build large teams in a jiffy to meet the business demand. Instead It require companies to have talent strategy where each employee’s potential is transformed into the best. Where right from hiring to the deployment of the talent, quest is to find what’s unique and right about each individual. Where opportunities and coaching interventions are provided to help employees become better versions of themselves, which company is happy to embrace every day.

The Gallup path makes sense but can only be achieved through deep long term commitment. Anyone game ?