How to have a culture like Google

Potential nurtured is transformed, while being in the wrong role suppresses it.

The Emotional Pressure in companies kills creativity, while Purpose inspires it.
The Economic Pressure saps energy while Playfulness enhances it.

One makes it, the other breaks it.  Sounds familiar, yet distant?

Interesting research on – building High Performing cultures in successful companies by Lindsay McGregor & Neel Doshi Coauthors of - Primed to Perform established aspects that help companies create high performing culture.

As per their study Purpose, Play & Potential focus enhances performance. While both Emotional & Economic pressure have a negative impact on performance culture. Roles in which people are unclear about why they are doing what they do also impacts their morale and performance.

Through researched data authors found – companies delivering higher Customer Satisfaction have Stronger workplace cultures.

The study also established the Number 1 motivating factor for people to be most engaged is a Proper Role Design, as done by companies like GoogleThese companies have a well thought out process in place to identify best work for every individual.

What’s reassuring is that - Positive focus on peopleidentifying their true Potential and providing an environment that allows people to deploy their strengths trumps over a detrimental culture of high pressure.

Companies that maximise people potential through right learning interventions and through aligned opportunities, drive employee motivation and unlock the culture of high performance.

Referenced article on HBR – by Lindsay McGregor and Neel Doshi provide details to substantiate these findings. Here is the link for you to access the article: