It’s time to accumulate the new gold

I recently happen to attend a Big Data analytics program from Coursera. In one of the sessions out of curiosity I asked the experienced trainer his sense of the future trends in the fast changing world.
He thoughtfully replied “I can’t predict, its moving too fast, technology of today is gets obsolete the next day.” “But one thing is clear” he added “data is the new gold – future belong to those who own the data.”
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Winning the World Cup with Analytics

During this Cricket World Cup 2015 we have seen an active use of Analytics and Data Visualization. Teams used Data Analytics to study their own competition and develop winning Strategies for the game. Players got a smart analytical view of their own strengths and weaknesses. Even today’s win of the world cup by Australia had a significant use of Analytics to prep and strategize them for the game.

And this is going to get even deeper with sponsors and business investors taking keen interest to gauge and develop potential of individual players and teams. And Analytics can definitely provide the Insights to help take the game to another level.

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