Learning to turn unbelievable into believable


When I first met Ron Kaufman customer service guru in Bangalore I was impressed by the energy he infused in the room.

Then again few months later I happen to attend Ron Kaufman’s master class on Service Leadership in J. W. Marriott, Mumbai. What enthused me was his passion for customer service and his remarkable ability to convince his audience about the power of outstanding service. Ron’s framework has what he calls – delivering ‘unbelievable’ customer service. Ron delivered his session with such unbelievable passion, energy and drive that it was natural to believe him.

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Culture eats strategy for breakfast and lunch

Peter Drucker the great management guru known to have said: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”

Few years back when I happen to meet Curt Coffman Senior Partner and Chief Science Officer at The Coffman Organization and former Senior Vice President at Gallup, he was about to launch his new book called – ‘Culture eats strategy for lunch‘. He shared his wisdom on why companies are unable to successfully drive transformation and why leaders are unable to engage their people enough to make a difference.
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On becoming Asia’s first Certified Customer Experience Professional

I have been engaging with customers for more than 20 years and have been dedicated to deliver Wow customer experiences through amalgamation of technology, process and people power.

It’s been great innovating customer engagement approaches, leveraging technology to simplify customer’s lives, building practices   with people who get energised when they engage with their customers.
I have been walking the shop floor of my clients, whether it be a hi-tech motor bike manufacturing plant in an industrial hub or a call centre with human advisors attending to their customers in New Castle, UK. I could naturally put myself in my customer’s shoes and listen to their voices.
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7 power steps to transform customer experience

Two years ago I had created a 3 slide presentation on - 7 power walk steps to transform customer experience which is uploaded on Slideshare.net. Today again when I referred to the presentation every single step appeared relevant, infact more critical than before.

Developments in the customer experience space are indicating that we need to be in customer’s shoes more and more, to be able to understand their needs and deliver value.

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Managing the Employee-Customer encounter

It’s a known fact that happy employees lead to happy customers. Management gurus and industry leaders all seem to advocate this fact. Still we find very few companies living this value.

Often disgruntled employees are found delivering dis-satisfactory services to their customers across: restaurants, retail malls, airlines, etc.

There seem to be no one there keeping a tab of ongoing connection between employee feelings and its impact on customer experiences.

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Digital World needs more engaged people

IDC’s recent Experience Survey 2015 stated - the ability to link both employee and customer experiences together in order to deliver a holistic view of digital and social transformation is at the epicenter of competitive differentiation.” 

The speed of change is fast and overwhelming for the organisations and its people to cope up. The need for more engaged workforce has never been greater in the world.

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It’s all about culture of unique Strengths

A customer experience manager at Ford said “only engaged employees can create engaged customers”

True only engaged employees with customer focus can deliver Aha experiences.

In my observation and research following 4 basic things are needed as part of having a customer centric culture:

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Journey of million dollars begins with a single customer

A journey of thousand miles begins with a single step. And journey of million dollars begin with a single customer. Every Single customer that receives personalised experience adds to that million dollar kitty.

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It’s time to accumulate the new gold

I recently happen to attend a Big Data analytics program from Coursera. In one of the sessions out of curiosity I asked the experienced trainer his sense of the future trends in the fast changing world.
He thoughtfully replied “I can’t predict, its moving too fast, technology of today is gets obsolete the next day.” “But one thing is clear” he added “data is the new gold – future belong to those who own the data.”
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5 Steps to deliver Aha! Customer Experience with Strengths

As both a customer experience professional and a Strengths coach and I have a unique interest in understanding how employee engagement impacts customer experience. Interestingly there is a good data available on this today.

Its found that companies with great customer experience have more than twice as many engaged employees. And companies with more engaged employees have up to 147% higher earnings per share.

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