How to have a culture like Google

Potential nurtured is transformed, while being in the wrong role suppresses it.

The Emotional Pressure in companies kills creativity, while Purpose inspires it.
The Economic Pressure saps energy while Playfulness enhances it.

One makes it, the other breaks it.  Sounds familiar, yet distant?

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Called to Coach

I first discovered my Top5 strengths about 10 years ago when I transitioned from a sales and marketing role to a position in IT. Having much less IT experience than my colleagues, I was unsure of whether I made the right career move. To help me better understand my talents, I turned to Gallup StrengthsFinder. Discovering my strengths gave me insights into how I can bring my talents to the forefront.

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Appreciating stocks through strengths focus

Gallup Path provides a simplistic view but if we look closer it also provides common sensical view.

Gallup Path2
Age old wisdom says engaged employees lead to engaged customers. What happens when we have engaged customers we have customers buying more services and products on which company thrives and make profits. A company which stays consistently profitable moves up their stock price.
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Culture eats strategy for breakfast and lunch

Peter Drucker the great management guru known to have said: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”

Few years back when I happen to meet Curt Coffman Senior Partner and Chief Science Officer at The Coffman Organization and former Senior Vice President at Gallup, he was about to launch his new book called – ‘Culture eats strategy for lunch‘. He shared his wisdom on why companies are unable to successfully drive transformation and why leaders are unable to engage their people enough to make a difference.
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Have you yet discovered full form of: C.O.A.C.H. ?


A well-known coach was once approached by a restless youth, hungry for success.

The coach began the conversation and said to the youth, before anything I need to ask you a few questions. Youth nodded.

Coach asked : What do you want in life ?

Youth: Success !

The coach further asked the youth.
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Digital World needs more engaged people

IDC’s recent Experience Survey 2015 stated - the ability to link both employee and customer experiences together in order to deliver a holistic view of digital and social transformation is at the epicenter of competitive differentiation.” 

The speed of change is fast and overwhelming for the organisations and its people to cope up. The need for more engaged workforce has never been greater in the world.

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It’s all about culture of unique Strengths

A customer experience manager at Ford said “only engaged employees can create engaged customers”

True only engaged employees with customer focus can deliver Aha experiences.

In my observation and research following 4 basic things are needed as part of having a customer centric culture:

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Disruption has started already, but are you ready?

Whether it be – Management Guru Ram Charan or Microsoft Ex Chairman – Ravi Venkatesan or leading Management Firm – Mckinsey Consulting everyone is talking about – Disruption that’s going to hit the Industry. One of the CEO of Billion Dollar company said on change-  “Its going to be a Tsunami”. 

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Maslow’s hierarchy of powerful customer engagement

Most of the businesses these days commit to do something in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) some out of duty, others out of compassion. As per Maslow’s hierarchy once the initial human needs are met humans tend to move up the hierarchy to contribute towards higher purposes, like contributing into other’s lives.

Same seems to be true for the businesses.

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5 Steps to deliver Aha! Customer Experience with Strengths

As both a customer experience professional and a Strengths coach and I have a unique interest in understanding how employee engagement impacts customer experience. Interestingly there is a good data available on this today.

Its found that companies with great customer experience have more than twice as many engaged employees. And companies with more engaged employees have up to 147% higher earnings per share.

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