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Ricardo Bendoraitis
Ricardo BendoraitisGlobal Business and Technology Executive, Brazil
“What can I say..this experience in my life is a milestone, a solid point upon which I will base a lot of my decisions and steps...assessment is very strong tool, but your advice is second to none. Thanks for my new life!”
Jan Lindgren
Jan Lindgren Client Partner, Sweden  
"For me this has been really valuable and I will strongly recommend everybody to take this class."
 Tarmo Puisto
Tarmo PuistoCustomer Success Driver, Finland
"It was a pleasure for myself. Rajat made very precise analysis of me in a short time frame and exercise we did together was helpful for me. I m looking forward to improve myself, to take best out of this training and coaching. Thank You.”
Ayush Keshan
Ayush Keshan Account Management, Singapore
“First of all – thank You! You have been able to point out what I am good at….This will surely help me grow in both personal and professional front. I hope to come back to you with a success story based on whatever we discussed.”
Abhishek Sane
Abhishek Sane Director Business Development, Sales & Strategy, Singapore
“This session gave me a feeling of more self aware, more understanding of my strength and weakness. You made me stand in front of myself. Thanks for all your inputs and kind words. You are doing "God's Job”. Keep enlightening life and people.”
Sushant Vinchurkar
Sushant Vinchurkar Vice President Operations, Goldman Sachs
"Rajat is one of the few Gallup certified Strengths coaches in India who coach executives, managers and team members and help them grow, develop and achieve personal and professional success. I thank Rajat for being my encouraging mentor and wish him loads of success in his career.”
Vivek Vishal
Vivek Vishal Management Analyst at NIIT Technologies Inc. USA
"Rajat is a great coach. He makes sure to work on individual’s strength and with his style of working, one gets to explore himself better. In fact there are very high chances that he would help you to explore certain hidden capability or skill within you..That’s the quality, which makes him a fantastic leadership coach.”
Ian Golding
Ian GoldingGlobal Customer Experience Expert, UK
“Rajat is a customer experience pioneer - with a wealth of both experience and intellect, he is a credit to the customer experience profession. I look forward to learning from him as he continues to transform customer experiences all over India and beyond.”

5 Steps to deliver Aha! Customer Experience with Strengths

As both a customer experience professional and a Strengths coach and I have a unique interest in understanding how employee engagement impacts customer experience. Interestingly there is a good data available on this today.

Its found that companies with great customer experience have more than twice as many engaged employees. And companies with more engaged employees have up to 147% higher earnings per share.

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It pays to take that journey..

A friend of mine while launching his own taxi travel company, reached out to me for suggestions on designing delightful customer experiences. I shared with him some of the industry best practices from other leading taxi services as well as ecommerce customer engagement secrets but being highly customer focused he craved for more tips that could help him deliver great customer experience and make the biggest impact.

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Winning the World Cup with Analytics

During this Cricket World Cup 2015 we have seen an active use of Analytics and Data Visualization. Teams used Data Analytics to study their own competition and develop winning Strategies for the game. Players got a smart analytical view of their own strengths and weaknesses. Even today’s win of the world cup by Australia had a significant use of Analytics to prep and strategize them for the game.

And this is going to get even deeper with sponsors and business investors taking keen interest to gauge and develop potential of individual players and teams. And Analytics can definitely provide the Insights to help take the game to another level.

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Meet the king – transform your customer experience

I have spent all my work life in meeting and delivering products and services for customers in different parts of the world.

In the initial years in sales, my job entailed spending as much time as possible every single day with the customer. As I moved into IT industry I played various roles, which still required extensive interface with the customer.

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One thing to include in your Focus

In every field whether be Sports, Business or Arts we keep talking about staying focused to succeed in order to achieve significant outcomes and be in top zone of achievement.

How we deploy our attention determines what we see” – Anne Triesman

What we include into our focus determines what we end up achieving. Do we focus with the awareness of our Unique Strengths?
First let’s define focus in a  new way.

F.O.C.U.S. = First Of All Claim Ur Strengths. Do we have awareness of our unique Strengths with which to Focus with.

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You have absolutely no idea of your “Own Strengths”

After going through the Gallup Strengths coaching program when I conducted a one to one coaching session to share what I learned with my wife something unbelievable happened. Of course I got the great chance to coach my wife. After all how many men get such a chance to coach their wife ever. But after a focused coaching session of around an hour where we discussed her strengths my wife said – “It connected me with myself and provided me a remarkable sense of clarity.”

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Unlock Your Potential

Are you aware of your own unique talents. Most people take their talents for granted.
Once you know your unique talents and bring them to use more often your whole world can change.
our Talents are keys to our innate potential, when we tap into that we act with more confidence and inspiration.

Learn the magic of winning hearts!

During one of my recent flights when I was offered Tea onboard, I was forced to hand over the cup in the middle to the airhostess in order to visit the washroom. On return I was hoping to get my cup back but the crew was very busy clearing off, so I decided to let go my favorite beverage, the tea.

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Dig deep, only then will you find it…

Have you ever shifted industries and decided to do something completely different.

After spending a decade in sales and marketing function I decided to join the IT bandwagon around 10 years back, as it was the hottest and happening industry at that time. I worked hard to cross skill myself and plunged in with faith.

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